Solaire Infrared Grilling And Gas Grill Replacement Parts

By Jason Broderick

The advent of infrared heating helped businesses everywhere heat their stores and warehouses more efficiently and effectively. The power of infrared heat is now in a grill form that is functional for residential homes thanks to Solaire Infrared Grilling Systems. This company is an offshoot of Rasmussen Gas Logs and Grills. Rasmussen is a family owned manufacturer founded in 1907 making fireplace tools. Four generations later, Rasmussen is still creating fireplace tools, but offer a wide variety of other products. These products include highly crafted gas logs, gas heaters, and of course infrared grills.

Solaire’s unique systems deliver high heat to lock in juices for more flavor in every bite. These grills can preheat in 3 minutes. With the quick and flavorful infrared burner grilling can become an every day event not just for weekends. The secret of these grills lie within the infrared technology. The infrared grill burner provides higher gas efficiency, has fewer flare ups, is more convenient, and can provide the heat of charcoal grilling without the messy cleanup. Infrared technology heats your food directly while other barbecues transfer heat in the air so all of the heat radiates directly to what you are grilling.


These models come from the store with many features. Some of the features include folding side shelves, electronic push button rapid start BBQ ignitors and American made stainless steel construction with no mechanical fasteners. Some models include rear infrared rotisserie kits and burners. Solaire infrared grills can be retrofitted with a natural gas conversion which is included in every grill sold. Additionally, there is a model for every use from several different portable infrared models to many sizes of portable cart grills and built in infrared gas grill heads. The casual griller can opt to have the 27″ grill, the 27″ deluxe grill, the 27″ deluxe infravection grill or the 27″ deluxe infrared grill with rotisserie and the hardcore griller can get the 56″ with built in refrigerated cart.

These grills work so well that the Thanksgiving turkey was rotisserie last year. To do this, turn on the infrared rotisserie back burner if available (if not, off-set the grill burners). Spit the bird and balance the load. Baste with olive oil and heat for 15 minutes to get the juices really flowing. Take the BBQ pan and fill with water, or beer if you prefer. This will act as a convection heat and turns the water into steam, basting the turkey automatically. Refill the tray as needed, the goal is to get the bird to around 165 degrees on the inside. The whole process should take about two hours and thirty minutes for a fifteen pound turkey. This was a succulent turkey that is sure to please any amount of guests.

With a Solaire Infrared grill, the possibilities are endlesss. Infrared burners are the pinnacle of grilling technology and all the major (read: expensive) steakhouses use infrared burner grills to sear steak and fish. However, where the Solaire infrared gas grill is truly versatile is in the control valve/infrared burner design. The design allows an infrared burner to be removed by simply pulling the casing free of a tension bracket. Removed, the infrared burner can be replaced with a more typical barbeque convectional (blue flame) burner. Although the valve design allows a Solaire infrared grill to be turned down to much lower temperatures than any infrared competitors, for really low heat the infrared burners can be removed easily replaced with blue-flame burners that barbeque well for beer-can oultry, smoking ribs or anything else that need 175 – 200 degrees. This low heat is not possible with other infrared grill mnufacturers.

About the Author: Solaire infrared grills We have been through several infrared gas grills since the invention of the technology. I like the Solaire infrared grill because the burners can be adjusted and swapped. Contact us for repair parts, grilling tips and infrared grills and check our grill parts blog for additional information at: infrared grill blog


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