All Law Enforcement Positions Require Employee Criminal Background Check Reports

Positions in law enforcement require an employee criminal background check. Even if you are only applying for a position answering phones, an employee criminal background check will be required. People that work in law enforcement have tremendous authority, so they must be worthy of the public trust. A police officer can detain a citizen on suspicion of a crime. While it is true that without evidence, the suspect will be released, detention can be embarrassing and have long term negative consequences for the person publicly detained. Police officers are in a position of such trust, that abusive behaviors can continue for years before they are detected. Because of the potential for abuse, all applicants are subject to an employee criminal background check.

Unlike the background checks performed in many commercial industries, the law enforcement employee criminal background check is a fingerprint analysis. Online background checks are public records searches. An individual could, potentially, find all the same information by searching each public record. However, the time involved makes it much easier and cheaper to order an online search. These searches will provide a wealth of information, but they can also provide a wealth of misinformation. Mistakes are not acceptable on employee criminal background check reports. To avoid those issues, the police department uses fingerprinting.


When someone is booked for a crime, if they do not have identification, they are asked to provide that information verbally. Arrested individuals may lie or provide false information deliberately. When that happens, the arrest record can wind up associated with the wrong person if the case was never pursued. Suspects are fingerprinted when they are detained. Fingerprinting lets the police be sure of the identity of the individual. By showing that the current individual, with the proper identification, has fingerprints that don’t match those from the suspect, the incident can be removed from their record. Because fingerprints are unique, and they are used to identify criminals, a check using fingerprints is the most comprehensive.

Even those that work at the police station in a less trusted position have incredible access to information. That information is not public and can be used in a variety of negative ways. For this reason, regardless of the position you would like to fill, an application for employment at the police station will require an employee criminal background check. Provided nothing negative turns up on the report, being asked to undertake fingerprinting is essentially a job offer.

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