Table Lamps Choosing The Right Lamp For Your Home

By Annie Deakin

Lighting plays an important role in any home. The bright lights do not bring out the beauty of a room thus, it is table lamps that you must use. Table lamps offer diffused lighting that highlight and bring to life the different parts of a home. Beautiful artifacts and paintings especially need to be highlighted with the right light to enhance their beauty. Table lamps thus, play a very important and useful role in any home and home decor.

With table lamps becoming more popular, there are numerous table lamps available today in all sizes and shapes. You would be able to find with ease a lamp that suits your decor and make your home even more beautiful. Be ready to receive compliments for your aesthetic sense and the lovely home.

When it comes to table lamps there are a lot of factors that need to be considered. The size of the lamp must be in proportion to the size of the room. A small room would do well with a small table lamp in a corner or you could even use two lamps to create the desired ambiance. Table lamps are also available in different materials from wood, metal to many other. It is important that you choose one that matches the decor of your home and serves your purpose.


The shade of the table lamp too makes a big difference in the effect that it would create. Choosing the lamp shade must not be done in a hurry, it needs time and patience, only then you would be able to get a perfect match in all terms.

The lamp shade could be either bought off the shelf or you could have it custom made to your needs. The shade must be proportionate to the base of the lamp and must compliment it. The choice of fabric too is important. If you are getting it custom made, you can decide on which fabric and color to use. Synthetic fabrics, cotton or silk is a good choice for lamp shades.

Table lamps are available in a range of sizes and shapes and you could decide on how many lamps you need to light up your room. The right amount of light must be provided only then will it create the desired effect. Too much light or too little are situations that are not ideal. If the size of your room is large, then a floor lamp that is big enough would be a good choice in addition to the table lamps. Table lamps are also a wonderful addition to your bedrooms and study table. A beautiful table lamp by your bedside provides for good reading light that you could use just before going to bed. Having a bedside table lamp also makes light available to you when you wake up in between at night. It is a must in the kid’s room.

For the study table too, there are a number of formal table lamps that you could choose from. Create the right ambiance for your kids to study and for you to work with the right table lamp.

The budget would be another important consideration when it comes to buying table lamps. The ultimate buy would be one that takes all these factors into consideration and fits perfectly to add more meaning to your decor.

About the Author: Annie is an expert furniture and interior design writer. Her current area of specialism is furniture, headboards and interior design


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