Questions To Ask Your Self Before Getting Nose Surgery

By Dr Ahnsup Kim

With the popularity of rhinoplasty today, it is almost as common as getting your ears pierced. But it is never that simple. The road to getting the nose that you want requires careful deliberation and preparation. That is why here are 5 questions that will help you out.

How do I pick out the surgeon whom I should trust?

I know it s hard to pick out that one surgeon out of the herd that is swarming with the credible ones and the occasional shady surgeons. But the good thing here is that this is not an Eeny, meeny, miny, moe problem. You can always check the surgeon s credentials, work history, and whether he is board-certified.

But you should not be satisfied with that information alone. If you want to ensure that you have your surgery done by someone who is an expert on rhinoplasty, choose a cosmetic surgeon whose practice is focused primarily on nose jobs.

The ASPS even states that a typical cosmetic surgeon would have at least 12 sessions in a year, while someone who is specialized should have at least 75 cases in a year. That speaks a lot about experience, and you can be assured that this particular surgeon would have the skills, techniques and the good eye for detail, especially when it comes to nasal structures.


Is my body ready for an operation?

You might think that this is not a major surgery considering that it only involves the nose. Nonetheless, rhinoplasty is still considered invasive despite the size of the body part. With that, if your body is not the slightest ready to sustain a healthy recovery process, then you are one foot in the door for a revision.

If your skin is prone to scars then you should inform your surgeon ahead of time because this can create a problem later on. Aside from the aesthetic drawback, it can also possibly affect your ability to breathe.

How is a rhinoplasty done?

There are two approaches in rhinoplasty, the open and the close procedure. The closed procedure is basically done to improve aesthetics but it limits the surgeon s control over the surgical area. That is why an open rhinoplasty is more preferable because the internal structures can be visualized and manipulated better.

An open rhinoplasty requires incisions to be created around the nose, after which the surgeon separates the skin to reveal the structures underneath. Then he either shaves some bone, remove some cartilage or add some. In other cases a surgeon might need to break some bones to shape the nose better. All these are created with careful precision to create symmetry before the skin is sutured back into place.

How long do I have to recover after rhinoplasty surgery?

In two weeks time, the swelling and bruising would have subsided. But this doesn t mean that you are fully healed. The incisions may have healed on the outside but the structures inside, such as the bones would take more time to recover. That is why for 4 months you should not do any strenuous activities or contact sports.

You should also know that total healing doesn t happen in a jiffy, and that it s not the same for everyone. It can take a couple of months to a year.

How much does rhinoplasty cost in Australia?

Nose surgery Sydney or Melbourne is around $8000 for a primary rhinoplasty. A secondary or a revision rhinoplasty, the price will be much higher since it takes more skill, time and effort to pull off. The price in Australia is around $10000, which vary lightly between clinics and regions.

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