Pseudogynecomastia And Its Best Treatments

Pseudogynecomastia and its best treatments


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Gynecomastia is a different conditions which occurs temporarily or lastingly in men wherein they develop genuine mammary glands due to a number of reasons. Gynecomastia is basically an under evaluated hormonal disorder when female steroid hormones exceeds the levels of male hormones that has evidently taken place in neonatal during birth considerably when steroid hormones gets transmitted from the mother to the son via. This is a temporary condition and has no such effect to the child just that the chest would be a little swelled that is sometimes even unnoticeable to the mother and family.

Hormonal Imbalance causing gynecomastia can occur at any stage of a man s life, more strongly during puberty, adolescence and old age. When evolutionarily we our bodies are exposed to lots of hormonal changes, also some medications have similar affects on the male body, like medications for tuberculosis, hypertension, some strong steroids and antibiotics. Drugs which can cause hormonal fluctuation and gynecomastia are a widely poked subject of research since this is not yet completely understood.

However, pseudo gynecomastia is not a misunderstood condition which is to have subcutaneous around the chest due to overweight and any drug usage and narcotic habits in men. The diagnosis shows that enlarged chest is actually accumulated fat that is same as in the rest of the body.


The most trusted treatment for this symptom is surgery than medication. Medications can manipulate hormonal changes in the body which more subjected to gynecomastia but chest fat is different and might not respond to medications even if hormonal levels are stabilized. The fat might act stubborn and hard to shift.

Liposuction is the most sustainable treatment advised by surgeons all over the world and Vaser liposuction just takes the whole procedure to its third generation ultrasonic assistance regarded as the best procedure since 2006.

Vaser Hi def Liposuction is to sculpt the body mimicking how natural musculatures of a six packed abdomen and this can met with regular exercise and diet to acquire a real one. Vaser Hi Def just speeds up the process. Your final results take at least 4-6 months to settle to so its arrival won t be as obvious to be artificial.

In most instances it is very important to be near your ideal weight before considering male breast reduction. Enlargement of the male breast can be primarily fat, primarily glandular tissue or a combination. Glandular tissue must be excised while fat tissue can be effectively reduced with liposuction cost. Some forms of liposuction, particularly Vaser liposuction and Smart Lipo may offer good advantages for male chest fat removal. Although some novel instruments and strategies have been developed to remove glandular tissue through a small scar, most patients with excess glandular tissue require a scar along the edge of the areola for access. Excellent results are common with gynecomastia surgery performed by experienced Plastic Surgeons but recurrence, scar indentations and other complications occur occasionally.

Most patients who have this surgery regret not exploring their options earlier and are very happy with the results from surgery. Enlarged and dilated areolae can also be corrected at the time of this surgery when necessary. Patients are back to work in a few days for liposuction only procedures and 1-2 weeks when excision is required.

This information is entirely based on face to face discussion with 2 highly qualified plastic surgeons practicing

Vaser Liposuction


male breast reduction

and procedures for fat removal from the chest at a state of the art and much reputed cosmetic clinic in London. This information is applicable for practitioners and seeking patients worldwide.

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