Why Take A Personality Test For Online Dating?

By Emily Heart

Online dating has surged in popularity over the last few years. These days, finding a partner online is the norm, and dating services have responded to this by creating ever more ingenious ways to bring together those people who might have an affinity for one another. One way of doing this is with an in depth personality test.

There are a number of different types of personality test. Usually, the person taking the personality test will be asked to respond to a series of questions which aim to find out if certain attributes or characteristics are applicable to them. Often they will be asked to rate themselves according to a scale by how much they think a particular characteristic applies to them.

There are also a range of indirect personality tests, such as the ink blot test, but these kinds of tests are not generally used in online dating scenarios.

Why a personality test is useful


Dating online can be confusing. With so many potential partners to choose from, it is sometimes hard to tell who we might click with in person just by what they might have written about themselves.

Personality tests give the opportunity for members of a dating service to whittle down the number of potential suitors to those who are more closely connected in terms of personality, values and outlook on life – information you might not be able to gather from a simple dating profile.

Some dating services will be able to take the answers given by its members and identify compatible matches according to the responses given. The idea is that with two people who can be shown to have compatible personalities, there is a much stronger possibility of them forming a lasting relationship with one another.

Different dating services will use their personality tests in different ways. For example, in some cases the service will give members the opportunity to use search tools to find members who have certain personality traits, giving the user the chance to search for compatible matches by themselves. In other cases, the site will provide compatible matches without the need for the user to search at all, thereby giving a more tailored service.

Which dating service personality test is right for me?

To decide on which dating service to choose, consider how much help you would like when it comes to looking for matches. If you would like to have more of a free reign over who you would like to get to know, and are not afraid of searching for good matches by yourself, then a service which requires a more proactive approach may be for you.

However, if you feel you would benefit from in-depth dating and relationship advice, as well as a more specific list of matches according to your personality test, then a more tailored service may be appropriate. The other option is to sign up for more than one service, giving you the opportunity to search yourself as well as being provided with more information and help. As the different sites will have different members, this dual approach will also open up the pool of potential dates.

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