Printable Chore Lists For More Than Just Chores

By Colleen Langenfeld

Printable chore lists are great for keeping track of the everyday tasks in a household. You can do a lot with them, including reducing the nag factor in your home, putting your organizational skills on steroids, and teaching your kids self-discipline.

With a little creative thinking, however, you can use the mighty chore list for much, much more.

— Can you say “repair work?”

Do you get tired of feeling like there’s a constant stream of fix-it jobs in your home? By putting some order into that task it won’t seem so overwhelming anymore.

Put a printable chore list in each main area of your home. For example, post one in the kitchen, the garage and each bathroom. When a family member notes something that needs to repaired, they simply jot it on the chore list. Just think of it.

* Leaky faucets.


* Squeaky doors.

* Broken knobs.

* Peeling wallpaper.

* Stuck dispensers.

* Burned out light bulbs.

You name it. Then once a week (or whenever you like), you can gather the chore lists and take care of all the fix-it items all at once. Obviously this doesn’t work for emergency repairs and you may have to train your family on the difference between the two. However, this method is a much more efficient idea of keeping up with all those little honey-do projects than the normal hit-and-miss way of doing things.

Plus, you can run a repair training shop during your once a week fix-it time and train other family members on how to do those little repairs every home needs. (That way you don’t get treated like the handy-person, you’re simply the repair coordinator. Sounds good, doesn’t it?)

— Caring for our pets.

Everyone who loves a pet knows there is plenty to do to keep the furry (or feathered) ones happy and healthy. Why not use a chore list to keep on top of your pet’s needs?

Keep track of chores you need to accomplish in caring for your pet, such as grooming, walking, and cleaning living spaces. Keep track of food and medication schedules easily, too, as well as maintaining an up-to-date shopping list for your pet. Do all of that on one chore list, neatly divided into sections that work for you. Post in an area convenient to working with your pet and you’ll be far more likely to use the list consistently.

You can also use such a chore list to keep track of behavior issues concerning your pet. When your veterinarian asks you specifics about your pet and its health, you’ll have the information you need at your fingertips.

The trick in effectively using these ideas is to choose the blank printable chore lists you can find anywhere on the web. Print out plenty of copies and customize the chore lists to fit your exact needs. Saving several weeks or months of these types of chore lists will give you a history of house repairs, pet needs, or whatever you are keeping track of.

Printable chore lists have always been a handy tool for a family, but with a little imagination, you can use them in a variety of places in your home and streamline multiple household tasks in the process.

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