Men’s Eyeglasses: Function And Durability Meets Fashion

By Adrianna Noton

Most men who wear eyeglasses have traditionally looked for eyeglasses that are comfortable, durable, and functional. However, today with so many innovative , fashion has become a consideration when men look for new eyeglasses. Men now want clear vision while looking good at the same time. Below is a list of key areas men should consider when choosing a new pair eye wear.

Eyeglass Frame Comfort

It is important to get eyeglasses that fit comfortably. The frames should not press into the side of the head and the edge of the frames should not stick out passed the face. They should not rest on the ears causing the ears to protrude. The frames should also be wide enough for the face. The nose piece should rest comfortably on the nose and should not be too tight or too loose. It is important that the nose piece stays in place when wearing the eyeglasses.

Eyeglass Frame Durability


Durability is a key feature men are looking for when they choose eyeglasses. They can choose frames made of such materials as stainless steel, titanium, and flexible materials like Flexon. Stainless Steel and Titanium are very durable and strong. Flexon will restore to its original shape when bent or twisted.

Fashion Trends in Men’s Eyeglasses

Men can find many different masculine and stylish frames. For instance, aviator glasses have become popular again and they are now made with stronger and more durable materials for increased strength and functionality. Also popular are bolder and larger eyeglass frames and shapes. The “John Lennon” glasses are still popular and they look great on men with smaller faces. Rimless and semi-rimless styles are another popular men’s fashion trend as they convey a modern chic look. The lightweight frames make them popular as well. Titanium is a popular fashion trend as they are not only durable, but they are lightweight, non corrosive, and are very stylish. Stainless steel is popular and is used in many top designer frames because they have higher quality finish.

Younger men are now choosing retro looking eyeglasses. These eyeglasses are comfortable and lightweight, bold, available in various styles such as thin plastics, as well as in different designs such as 50s-style frames and in tortoise pattern classic shapes. These designs and patterns never go out of style.

Costs of Men’s Eyeglasses

Today, men who don’t like to shop but want inexpensive trendy eyeglasses have the ideal solution available to them. Men can now get quality, top brand name eyeglasses online. There are professional and reputable online retailers that offer all of the trendiest and latest eyeglasses for men. It is easy to browse, locate the right pair of eyeglasses, and make a purchase. It is fast and easy to shop which is why more men are choosing to buy their eyeglasses online.

Now, the fashion conscious man has the ability to buy strong and durable eyeglasses that make a fashion statement. When shopping online, men will save a lot of money which makes the purchase of eyeglasses actually fun.

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