Benefits Of Carbon Remover

Benefits of Carbon Remover


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Carbon Remover is applied undiluted for cleaning of highly soiled components. Carbon Remover is a single component liquid with a strong aromatic smell. It has no flash point, but when used in immersion baths the flash point may fall in time to 80 C. Plastics and rubber should first be tested for chemical attack. Carbon Remover has been tested and proven to effectively remove carbon build-up that is common to all aircraft. Carbon Remover is a water soluble, non-butyl, biodegradable, non-flammable, non-toxic product. It is delivered as a potent concentrate which costs only pennies per diluted gallon to use. Carbon Remover leaves no oily film or gummy residue. Carbon Remover is a super concentrated industrial cleaner which at different dilutions can be used in almost countless environments. It contains active, fast penetrating solvents and corrosion inhibitors. This product differentiates from other similar products due to its two-layer mechanism. The top-layer prevents the evaporation of the volatile components in the bottom-layer. The latter removes the deposits substances. The deposits are trapped and are easy to remove. Carbon Remover is suitable for traditional chip pans, roasting trays, barbecues, ovens, grills, ceramic hobs and cooker rings. This carbon cleaner can be used on most metals as well as porcelain, ceramics and vitreous enamels.

Carbon remover is delivered ready for use. It is equally efficient for in-place cleaning & soaking of Individual parts. It may be necessary to heat carbon remover if heavy deposits or if rapid cleaning is required. Heating to 500C will multiply the efficiency. It should not be heated in a closed, unventilated area. Soaking of the parts is the most efficient method. Spraying or brushing directly on the parts will also remove the carbonized matter efficiently. In case of very heavy deposits they should be allowed to soak for a longer period and if necessary they should be wire brushed. The surface should be completely wiped off with a clean cloth. Carbon remover not only cleans the parts but also provides a temporary baffler against corrosion.


Carbon can be removed without the use of any external heating arrangement & hence no power is required. As it contains wetting & emulsifying agents, life of the product Is prolonged. After extensive use, this product will likely become contaminated with sludge & deposits. At this time pour off the liquid, clean the deposit from the tank, then return the liquid adding new carbon remover to make up for that which was used. Carbon has certain functions in the aquarium. The main one is removing medications. Many medications are very strong and harmful and if not used properly or left in the tank too long can end up causing more harm than good. Because of this it is a good idea to use carbon to remove medications after treatment is complete. This carbon variety also known as activated charcoal finds wide application in the purification of electroplating solutions. It has been successfully used over the years in the purification of nickel plating solutions and getting rid of organic impurities. They go a long way to enhance the properties of plating solutions like brightness, smoothness, ductility etc. It is to be mentioned that activated carbon treatment has the ability to remove all kinds of impurities and restores plating performance to your desired level. The whole chemical process is quite easy and very effective.

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